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This file contains a Winols project with the stated versions of tune in the file title,  If the file states contains original it will be a project file with only the original bin file within.

If it states contains stage 1, stage 2 etc it contains stage 1 etc - 

These files can be read with Winols v4 demo and edited and then you can use our winols extract tool to pull out the completed bin files after modification.

Please note that whilst a lot of the files can be extracted without modification you may get an error from the extract tool (unhandled exception error) due to the file being from an older version of winols - if this is the case you must first open the project within the winols 4 program and then save the project.

This will then allow the extract tool to pull the appropriate bin files from the .ols file

You will be given the option within the extract tool to rename the extracted files as per your own requirements.

Map data descriptions are often in german but can be translated using free to use apps.