What is a Remap or File Service Tuning

What is a Remap or File Service Tuning

Well for starters it's nothing new. Chip tuning has been around since the early days of hot hatch turbocharged cars and really found it's feet in the Ford world with the RS Turbo escort and subsequently Sierra Cosworth and Fiesta Turbo's.

The tuners of the era found that the manufacturers had built in such a large margin for safety that they could unleash many more horses than the factory would allow and made already fast cars often pretty mental.

Those days back then chip tuning was just that, they took the chip out and plonked in a new one with the necessary software changes within it to unleash all that extra power and sharpen up the throttle response that the manufacturers had dulled so your everyday fifty something didn't stuff it into a hedge the first time he put his foot down (you know, the guy who could actually afford to buy AND insure it).

Remapping and the use of tuning files was really developed after the launch of the mainstream internet as it allowed tuning companies to sell their warez to a much broader audience without needing to actually be there to do the work.   The evolution of this is the latest and greatest version of flash tuning devices which allow flash tuning technicians to upload the file id (or search our database for it) and then download a tuned version of the software on that vehicle and then flash update it to apply the tune.

Lots of people will tell you that the only reliable way to tune a vehicle is with a rolling road.  This simply isn't accurate.  yes - you can squeeze the most power out of a vehicle with the aid of a rolling road but were not talking about squeezing the max from it.  we're talking about a reasonable increase whilst still maintaining excellent reliability.  Our files enable you to do just that.  Simply type in any of the id's you've got, either software / hardware / make or model etc... and our built in search algorithm will do the rest in seconds.

Our ecu tuning file service is state of the art.

Once you have a list of files on screen simply add them to your cart, complete the short registration form (our payment providers require at least some kind of registration) and once payment is made you can click on the download button and the file will be downloaded to your computer / device.

You will also receive any purchased files by email as a means of backup should your instant download fail (you can only download it once in the checkout screen).  Once you've got your file simply upload it (for virtual reads ect... or use it as your file map to transfer the values to your full read (or bdm read), it really is that simple!!

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