Shaking up the Remap Tuning File World

Shaking up the Remap Tuning File World

Shaking up the internet tuning world with the Worlds No 1 Remap Tuning File Warehouse.

Our revolutionary file service is second to none - we offer thousand of files , all with instant download.

No more lock in deals with certain tuning houses, anyone from anywhere can purchase and download our files and use them as they see fit as long as they want to.

Our files are not locked to any device and can be used on any tuning interface that is classed as a master device (slave devices use software locks to prevent other suppliers files being used).  

Blowing the lid off the 'Virtual ECU Read'  Talk about snake oil ??, “The Virtual ECU Read” is just a piece of jargon to confuse new tuners (and some more seasoned ones) into thinking their new £2,500 tuning interface has some sorcery up it's sleeves and can somehow read an ECU that's been locked by the manufacturer as write only (after all manufacturers aren't interested in reading what's already on there , they just want to write new stuff on there).  The fact is this "you can't read a write only ECU through the OBD diagnostic port - well , you can read the hardware and software ID's but that just about all you can read from it".

So what's all this about "Virtual ECU Reads", well that ones been a bit cloak and dagger really, You see - the tuning kit manufacturers don't want you to realise that if you read the hardware and software ID you can then match it with an already dumped file from a database (yes just like ours), they will then send you the original (or ori) file and usually charge you for it.  This enables you to tune the file yourself and then flash write it to the vehicle.  They will also offer you the option of a tuned file, which again they will charge you for.  Until now a lot of tuners who were using slave kit have been unaware that you can match the software and hardware ID's using another supplier and most are unaware that their virtual read opens the door to all the other suppliers out there.

This does NOT allow ECU's with tuning protection to be overcome without modifying the boot loader!!

Of course, you still need a master tool to write the files but we all know how easy they are to get hold of these days.


So where do you go from here, that's easy, just type in your software or hardware id into the search box in our file warehouse and then select from the options available.  Once selected you can then pay for your file/s

Once payment is confirmed by PayPal (you can use credit / debit cards even if you don't have PayPal) you can then download your file/s instantly.  Any files purchased will also be emailed to you upon completion of payment to the email address you provided during checkout. 

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